The characteristics of the FINNLINE profile family

The Finnline is a very versatile made to measure profile which can be equipped with up- or downlight or a combination of both. The base of the Finnline is an aluminium housing in black or white, in which different light modules can be fitted.

Because of their outstanding adjustability, the Tweeter and the Mini Spy provide optimal directional light and are ideal for task lighting and general lighting. The linear LEDs offer a choice between narrow, separate strips for a modern look and a playful effect, or a large surface for soft diffuse light. With a LED strip on the upper surface of the profile, Finnline is a perfect way to illuminate the ceiling.

Whatever lighting module you choose, Finnline feels at home everywhere: in kitchens and offices, foyers and public spaces. The extremely slim silhouette gives the profile a very discreet appearance, but with no restrictions in terms of light quality and flexibility.

FINNLINE profile subfamilies

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