Dubai Design Week 2018

Dubai Design Week 2018

From November 12th through 17th the Dubai Design Week offers every light enthusiast true inspiration. Designed by Anarchitect for a key pedestrian entrance to d3 (Dubai Design District), Circadian Light Synthesis highlights the human relationship with natural light – both from the sun and the moon.

In the daytime, a rotating light fixture by Delta Light casts the artificial sunlight. At night, the light will rotate to project the moonlight into the enclosed pavilion.  The installation raises awareness and highlights the different positions, colour temperatures and intensity of sunlight that dictate our human circadian rhythm and natural body-clock, including our relationship with the Moon.

Anarchitects is an award-winning architecture practice founded by Architect Jonathan Ashmore and is based in Dubai and London. The practice has developed the installation together with lighting experts from Delta Light and Matteo Brioni who specialises in natural earth surfaces. Find out more here about this amazing installation.

Close to Circadian Light Synthesis and in the heart of the Dubai Design District you will find Delta Light's recently opened permanent showroom. Find out more here.

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