A peculiar profile, both functional as decorative. The design of the body allows you to have up to 5 lines of light out of 1 profile, 3 for direct and 2 for indirect lighting. The soft glow of the light along the sides of the profile makes the One-And-Only float through the air, a powerful blend of light for an eye-catching look.

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The Spyker is characterized by a circular base and a wider aluminium disc on top, holding a circular led cluster. This outdoor lighting solution is available in 2 sizes, both resulting in a pleasant, soft light surrounding the fixture. This model comes in alu grey or Delta Light's typical dark grey.

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As a Design Plus Award winner in 2000, the Orbit has been a favourite in the wall mounted range of Delta Light for many years. Now its successor has been developed as a LED solution, making Orbit future proof. This wall mounted family comes in two versions, Orbit and Orbit T. Orbit combines two LEDs for up- and downlight with a lens, which results in a distinctive light pattern on the wall. Finished in either standard lacquered finish or with the typical Punk look. Orbit T is a unique, seehrough luminaire. The flexible LED around the inside of the luminaire also results in a pleasant down-up light effect.

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The name of this product says it all. The Hole In One is available in both rectangular and circular shape, making you see a hole in the ceiling and nothing else. That is as long as you don’t stand underneath this lighting fixture. This fitting offers enough space for different modules being able to point at different directions, all from within the same hole in your ceiling, making it very discreet.

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Based on the design language of Polesano, Fragma uses the LED Caset® technology with multiple LEDs combined with individual lenses to create uniform and clean light effects. As so, no matter which size of Fragma is being used, each beam angle will have the same outcome. To change the beam angle of the Fragma, sheets with microlenses can be put in front of the luminaire. The thin sheets alter the way the light exits the luminaire, but do not change the visual appearance of the track spot. With Fragma Delta Light offers a complete lighting tool to the designer, as all versions have a range of light refining accessories and various dimming options.

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Shiftline M26

Shiftline M26 is the surface mounted variant of Splitline M20, ideal when recessed mounting is not an option. Spot modules - in different sizes, designs and lumen packages - can be combined with linear LED lighting or pendant modules, giving you loads of possibilities to create your own ideal lighting scene.
Do not worry if you overlooked something in this ideal lighting scene, as all modules can be easily switched from position thanks to their magnetic fixation.
Introducing our brand new magnetic profile, with endless possibilities in installation and look: make it curved, juxtaposed to create various shapes! It is also now available in white!

Our 2P connector not only assures the electrical connection between two profiles, it also serves as a decorative element. Enhance it by choosing the Gold Colored finish for these nodes!

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Lass-Oh! glides trough the room as a snake sliding through the greensward, showing off its slim cylindrical contour in combination with the miniature LED clusters hidden inside its body. The variety in shape - straight lines or curved squares and rectangles - in combination with the optional shades make of Lass-Oh! a very decorative lighting solution.
Nevertheless, Lass-Oh! can easily be hung in every residential, retail or office project thanks to its low-glare LED dots that are hidden away into the profile.

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The slender shape of the Needle family brings a touch of elegance into any project. Slim tubes, just carelessly hanging down from the ceiling or cleverly peeking around to throw a highlight wherever needed.
Combine multiple fixtures to create playful clusters or use it as a single luminaire in all its simplicity.

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Subtle elegance. Elegant details. Detailed finesse. Jazzy succeeds in bringing a touch of brilliance into the room, as its small body combines a powerful light effect with refined design.
The smooth curves of its rounded derrière hide away the tilting functionality of the luminaires’ hinge, which allows Jazzy to peek around the room with its 90° tilting and 355° rotating possibilities. A joy for the eye!

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Vizir and Hedra, two new members of the Delta Light family, add refinement, finesse and color to the range. They are characterized by an atypical hinge, a design element that not only catches the eye, but also serves as storage for technical parts inside the luminaire.
Next to black and white, the Vizir and Hedra are available in the new Gold Colored anodization and Black Bronze finishes, ether polished or in faceted texture. The faceted design of the Hedra captures and reflects the ambient light with an ever-changing look as result. It is also the typical design element of the Hedra family, a series of pendant, spotlight and wall mounted luminaires, available as full LED solution or for retrofit bulbs.

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The Tagline made-to-measure profile provides an ultra-minimalistic light line that integrates seamlessly with the architectural lines of your project. Limited to only 1/4 inch the Tagline seems almost invisible, a slender line of light that cuts through space.
Available in different application versions - from trimless recessed to surface mounted, as a pendant solution or as perimeter lighting - Tagline is offered as a creative tool for architects and designers to accentuate architectural detail or characterize environments. Any space becomes distinctively elegant when the Tagline is used in a simple linear way, or can become very magical and unique when used in a composition.

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First introduced in 2004 as a single LED luminaire, upscaled in 2008 as a multiple LED luminaire with 4 or 6 LED dots, implemented in the profile section in 2010 as a module with 4 or 6 LEDs, the history of Dot.Com within the Delta Light range goes way back. With LEDs being utterly functional and performant nowadays, Dot.Com is up to its second revival, coming as a complete family of luminaires with multiple LED dots to create the most discreet, yet highly functional light settings.

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Punk, an iconic subculture that emerged in the mid 70’s, is an artistic style usually associated with music and fashion. But it still inspires. The Punk spot was first introduced by Delta Light as part of the XY180 collection, a collaboration with the renowned architects of OMA.
Punk details infiltrate perfectly in the world of modern architecture, to express individualism and urban attitudes. Steel pins might look intimidating, but when combined with light, they become so much more refined. The powerful punk design was launched at Light+Building as a whole new range in colors and different applications, going from suspended luminaires to wall, ceiling and track lighting.

Now available for the U.S.: Punk suspended and sleeve. Punk clip is coming soon! Discover what’s available from the Punk family

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