In our new collection we are taking it to the next level, crossing borders, raising the bar. We reach out to new materials, challenge existing shapes and focus on the multisensorial aspect of lighting as a tool, and as a system. Light, and much more.



As an addition to the extensive range of Femtoline profiles, this wallgrazer introduces new ways of integrating linear solutions into architectural lighting.

As a member of the Femtoline range it also uses LEDflex inside its slender body, but its optical compartment generates new application possibilities, as it creates a grazing light along the surface, perfect to enhance textured walls or produce a dramatic lighting effect through its play of light and shadow.



The Inform family is an extensive range of linear lighting solutions, designed to be used in applications that include task areas, like landscape offices, meeting rooms, reception desks, home office,… Areas which need technical architectural lighting at its best: eye for design, eye for the user and eye for performance.

The base of this family is a combination of Delta Light’s Melanopic Light Technology (MLT) with high efficient louvre optics.

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Its elegant design with multiple colour combinations, its specific sun-mimicking spectrum, its low UGR, its well balanced down-up ratio…we do not exaggerate: Conform is the goddess of office lighting!

Conform is designed around the light. It not only perfectly embraces the light source, it reinforces it in multiple aspects. Conform uses Delta Light's Natural Light Technology (NLT), state of the art LEDs with a spectrum that very closely matches that of the sun.

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Evolving from our existing Super-Oh! family, Super-Oh! Slim stands out in design and efficiency. With a width of only 44mm and a luminous efficacy up to 119lm/W, this family of halo’s combines slender elegance with big performance. 

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In many ways, Backspace is a joy for the eye, be it by its slender design, by its pleasant light effect or by its playful colour combinations. Backspace is designed to create a 2-way light effect on the wall, the choice to install it in a horizontal or vertical way is up to you.


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Walker splits the light open. Starting from 1 light source, Walker is designed to guide the light into two directions to provide a double light effect on the surface below.

The light falls on the V-shaped inner part of the luminaire, breaking it open and throwing it to the front- and backside of the luminaire. Walker can serve as a guiding light on your wall or pathway, as it comes as a wall luminaire and as a bollard.


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Light and ambiance is not only for indoors, by combining light and architecture, outdoor settings also remains vibrant at night. With 7 different light effects and multiple installation options, Frax has been designed for every aspect of the urban architecture: any form, any material or any composition.

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