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A nightclub that Lviv has never seen before – that was the task given to the architectural bureau by its clients from Split Club Lviv.
The premise belongs to a restaurant from the late 90’s situated in the city centre.
Under drywall they discovered stucco elements, not all of it could be saved. The architects knew that some of the fragments would be damaged over time and some would not handle sound vibrations.
Nevertheless, they wanted to save as many authentic elements as possible and explain to the customers their role in the interior.
Lost sections were compensated with replicas covered with a darker tone paint, while the authentic stucco was left in its original colour.

Apart from the dance floor, they also needed to organize places to sit in order to provide a comfortable stay for as many guests as possible.
To do so they used different levels for the dance floor and areas with sofas and tables.
At the edges of the hall, VIP-zones were created with increased comfort and reduced visibility.

Split is glamour, burlesque and Gatsby all in one.
The lighting scheme was supposed to highlight the passionate and eccentric character of the club.
To obtain that “dark enchantment” was chosen as the main concept, where the deep contrasts between dark and light surfaces, sharp accents and color dynamics had to endear the guest, while soft grazing on the architectural elements had to reveal the playful character of the authentic building.

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