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Did you know that Optiek Lammerant exists since 1958, when Eric Lammerant founded the business? Eleven years later Christa joined him. The current manager, Lieven De Clercq, learned the ropes of the trade after his education as an optician. Later he took over the business under the existing name. A name that might ring a bell, because Optiek Lammerant has grown into a fixed value in the optician business.

At Optiek Lammerant, they believe your glasses are not just an extension of your personality, but your glasses should also fit your face. In the search for the perfect frame, many factors come into play. A wide range of glasses is a good start, because each face and character needs different glasses. We are following the latest fashion trends for you. And as a specialist, we have an experienced eye. Analysing facial characteristics and offering you the right frames is their second nature.

The Splitline profile was used in combination with You Turn On fixtures as a powerful vertical light for the shelves, while Shelfline 20ST was used in the bottom of the shelves as a backlight for the glasses. To light up the sales tables, the Microline profile was installed with powerful LED arrays and finally Reo was used throughout the store for general light.

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