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In Luxemburg, the interior of an existing office was completely renovated by Jongma Ontwerpers from the Netherlands. From the corridor you enter the reception area, where a solid surface countertop was installed and wall panels are finished with linen wallpaper. A high-grade carpet is leading the visitor further into the office.

Instead of using walls, the whole office space is entirely divided by cabinets, a characteristic approach of the designers. They have been fabricated by local contractor JFPE. This provides four executive offices, a large meeting room and an ‘open office’ with eight workstations. In consultation with the manufacturer, the desks were finished with matching coloured veneer. All walls are made of laminated glass and aluminium framed access doors. In the conference room, 12 people can have a seat at the custom made table. In the cabinets, a smart tv and video conferencing installation can be found for meetings with offices in New York, London, Amsterdam and Dubai.

A lighting plan, created together with Delta Light, has been used throughout the entire project from the beginning until completion of the project.

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