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Batch Espresso at Barrack Place in Sydney features a beautifully arched ceiling, rendered in a concrete-like finish. Visible from the street, the arch is a focal point catching your eye and drawing you into the depths of coffee heaven! The detail in the monolithic terrazzo counter is stunning, speckled and reflective, adding a touch of luxe to the café.
The overall dynamic of the space is contemporary, the dark walls add a chic element while the atmosphere remains relaxed and inviting.

To keep the atmosphere relaxed the café is lit in a minimal way.
Adjustable downlights installed in the arched ceiling illuminate the key areas of the space including the counter and preparation areas. In keeping with the contemporary style, seven XY180 pendants were used to create an incredible and modern chandelier, further highlighting the beautiful arched ceiling. The XY180 pendants resemble a modern art installation creating a striking effect and making a statement, stealing your attention away from your morning paper!

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